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Part Two

Integrating 4Ms care ~ Medication and Mentation

  • How do I become an Age-Friendly Health System Action Community Member?
    The IHI has instructions on becoming an AFHS action community member. Please review the action community guide on the resource website page: IHI Resources page
  • WEBMD page sponsored by The JAHF for consumers
  • The Age-Friendly Care and Education Collection
    The Age-Friendly Care and Education Collection is a rich online library collection of educational materials. Resources include geriatric care toolkits, learning modules, case studies, clinical tools, patient education materials, and more. • •What it is: Searchable repository of over 1,000 educational resources on Age-Friendly care •Audience: educators, health professionals, learners seeking quality material on aging care, education, and research •Where: Here is how to contribute content: First go to the Collection, and there, you can add the resources yourself by creating a profile for yourself or your institution. This way, the resources will be directly attributed to your institutional profile. Here's a screenshot of where to go to add your own content.
  • DFMn Infographic
  • GWEP Resource Handout Final
  • American Association of Colleges of Nursing Resources: Age-Friendly Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Unfolding Cases
    The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has released a new learning resource for nurse practitioners, "Age-Friendly Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Unfolding Cases." The resource uses the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's (IHI) Age-Friendly Health Systems 4Ms Framework to guide learners in caring for a patient with Alzheimer’s dementia, covering scenarios from initial positive screening to end-of-life care. Through four simulations, the learner gains practical experience involving informant family members, telemedicine delivery, providing home visits, diagnosing and care planning of type 2 diabetes mellitus and preventing falls at home. All simulation materials can be accessed via a Google Drive Folder. Access AACN's new resource. Learn more about IHI's Age-Friendly Health Systems initiative. Learn more about JAHF's co-support of IHI.
  • Free Online Course: Providing Age-Friendly Care to Older Adults
    PFC 203: Providing Age-Friendly Care to Older Adults This free IHI Open School course, PFC 203: Providing Age-Friendly Care to Older Adults, provides an understanding of the Age-Friendly Health Systems movement, actionable steps to get started, and how to improve the care of older adults in your setting. Please see our user guide for navigation assistance.
  • VIDEO: Age-Friendly Health Systems 4Ms Care
  • VIDEO: Patient Care Visit Using the Age-Friendly Health Systems 4Ms Framework
    View an Age-Friendly Health Systems visit and watch how the 4Ms are assessed and acted on.
    WebMD has partnered with The John A. Hartford Foundation to create a video series exploring age-friendly health care in three different settings: a university health center, a retail pharmacy clinic, and a VA medical center. The videos follow The John A. Hartford Foundation's President Terry Fulmer and WebMD's Dr. John Whyte on a journey to show how age-friendly care is delivered and how it improved the outcomes for older adults. The new videos are: Seeing the 4Ms in Action at the Madsen Health Center in Utah: Seeing the 4Ms in Action - WebMD visits Madsen Health Center in Utah, a great example of an age-friendly care provider that considers all of the 4Ms to really understand the patient. Age-Friendly Care at the MinuteClinic: Taking a Minute to Talk and Listen - When providers ask about a patient’s goals, medications, memory and mobility, they feel heard, says nurse practitioner Sidney Hunt of MinuteClinic at CVS. Improving Care for Older Adults at the VA in Salt Lake City: Getting Them Back to What They Love - Arthur’s providers at the VA in Salt Lake City are working to get him back to his favorite pastime – fishing in Alaska. The video series is part of a collection content on Watch the video series. Go to Learn more about Age-Friendly Health Systems and the 4Ms. Learn more about JAHF's support of Age-Friendly Health Systems.
  • American Hospital Association: Age-Friendly Health Systems Podcast and Case Study
    The American Hospital Association (AHA) has released two new age-friendly resources, a case study and podcast, highlighting the work of Sharp Grossmont Hospital. The new resources highlight how an interdisciplinary team at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, California, has integrated age-friendly care in its busy emergency department. Using the 4Ms framework — what matters to patients, medications, mentation and mobility — the hospital has improved health care and outcomes for older adult patients, decreased readmissions and improved job satisfaction and retention of nurses, among other results. Sharp Grossmont Hospital, part of Sharp HealthCare, received the Age-Friendly Health Systems “Committed to Care Excellence” designation in 2023 and is certified by the Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation (GEDA) program as a Gold Level 1 facility. The Advancing Health podcast episode features a conversation with Julie Dye, clinical nurse specialist in geriatrics at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, and Marie Cleary-Fishman, director of clinical quality at AHA. The case study features how an interdisciplinary team at Sharp Grossmont Hospital worked to integrate age-friendly care in its emergency department. Listen to the AHA podcast episode. Read the case study. Learn more about AHA's AFHS initiative. Learn more about the GEDA program. Learn more about JAHF's support of AHA.
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